Production Line for Pneumatic Nail

The raw materials for pneumatic nail production, such as galvanized wires, are selected in strict accordance with industry standards and regulations. According to industry manufacturing standards, first, we flatten the round wires with a flattening machine. Next, the wires are winded and glued automatically using the winding and gluing unit. Once the drying process is complete, the raw wires will be formed into a sheet and are winded by a collection unit.

During the operation of the nail production line, straightening and leveling machines are employed to adjust the panel and to improve the nail forming pass rate. The straightened sheet will be sent to the hydraulic press for automatic nail shaping. Finally, the finished nails will be arranged in an orderly fashion by the automatic aligning machine, and then packed into cartons.

At KY Pneumatic Nail, each machine is equipped with molds, which conduct a thorough inspection of nail shape and size every 2 minutes. The inspectors will examine the semi-finished and finished nails regularly to ensure the nail quality.