Our KY Pneumatic Nail, pneumatic nail making machine has been designed in compliance with all related industry standards and requirements. We employ a high-tech CNC machining center to process all high-precision accessories.

The raw materials for pneumatic nail production, such as galvanized wires, are selected in strict accordance with industry standards and regulations. According to industry manufacturing standards, first, we flatten the round wires with a flattening machine.

Equipment Manufacturing

In this workshop, every equipment piece is assembled under the strictest supervision of our professionals. Then, a trial run is performed by us in order to ensure the in-house produced pneumatic nail making machines are completely qualified before leaving our factory.

Molds for nail making machines

Nail Manufacturing

In this workshop, our in-house produced flattening machine can shape the galvanized wires into flat wires.

There are two sets of galvanized wire flattening equipment. Each of them operates with a maximum speed of 300 meters per minute. It is precise to ±0.01mm.

These galvanized wires have been flattened.

After flattening is done, galvanized wires are winded and glued automatically in this workshop. We have 15 winding and gluing units which support a monthly output of 800 tons.

Here is the wire pay-off unit of the winding and gluing machine. According to customers’ needs, we offer a choice of 100 to 200 wire pay-off reels.

Wire take-up equipment is used after the winding and gluing process has been completed.

The pneumatic nail production workshop is provided with 25 hydraulic forming machines: eight for straight finish nails and seventeen for U-shape staples. Our monthly production capacity includes 200-300 tons of straight finish nails, as well as 300-400 tons of U-shaped staples.

Another workshop is used for production of pneumatic nails.

The pay-off unit is utilized in the production of U-shaped nails. It can transfer raw materials to the hydraulic forming machine. Sheets are used as raw materials and produced by ourselves.

Straightening equipment can be seen in this picture. Our forming equipment in the U-shaped nail manufacturing process can be divided into three parts, including: pay-off unit, straightening unit and hydraulic forming unit. Our hydraulic forming unit can operate at a maximum speed of 130 pieces per minute.

The feeder of the hydraulic forming equipment

A piece of sheet is being sent into a mold, and all components are produced in-house.

Discharging unit

The equipment can orderly arrange nails in an automated mode. This gives us much convenience for packing nails into boxes, and thereby enhances the production efficiency.

Well-packaged 16/6U type nails

The infrared ray detection system works in a fully automated mode. It will stop working automatically when the material runs out.

Automatic control system

The hydraulic forming machine is used in combination with quality mold.

The staple turnover unit of the automatic aligning machine

The 8010U staples have been packaged.

After packaging is done, these 8010U type staples are put into a carton.

This equipment has the capability to produce C ring staples in a variety of specifications. It works at a speed of up to 300 pcs per minute.

The C ring staple production process

Our in-house produced C ring staples